Igor Cornelsen

FInance in State of São Paulo, Brazil

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Igor Cornelsen is one of the most popular investment advisors in Brazil. He was born in 1947 in Curitiba Brazil. At the age of 18, he went to pursue engineering at the Federal University of Parana. Two years later he pursued economics in the same institution. Due to his skills in calculating rates, he became the best performer in his class. His journey in the investment field began in 1970 when he started working at an investment bank.

Igor Cornelsen was proving that he had the right skills and talents in the investment sector. Due to this, he was promoted to join Multibanco's board of directors in 1974. Two years later, he became the CEO of the company. However, he did not head the company for too long as the Bank of America acquired it. He later moved to Unibanco until 1985 and then started working at Libra Bank PLC. Transferring to this institution opened more growth opportunities for this investor. He became the board of Standard Chartered Merchant Bank for seven years.

After working for these corporations, Mr. Igor had gathered a lot of experience in the investment field. He was able to start his company in 1995 where he works to date as an investment manager. According to him, the experience is significant in becoming successful at what he does today. He also attributes his growth to being focused and committed. Listening to the news and studying economies has helped him to increase his knowledge in the field. Interacting with friends and seeking their views has also added a lot of growth in his life.

According to Mr. Igor, being innovative is very important. He talks about converting ideas into trends that can fit in the marketplace before anybody else can. Continuous growth can only be achieved if a person is willing to keep learning. Reuters has contributed significantly towards his learning on investments. He says that it is an excellent source of information concerning investments. With the commitment and passion that Mr. Igor has, he will achieve greater success and will help to cause positive transformations in the investment sector.

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