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NARCOSIlissaWatnik says After offering a huntfor Pablo Escobar as terrifying as it is exhilarating, the thriller was able to
renew itself last year by centering its plot on a whole new cartel (the Cartel
of Cali) and new characters. As a result, Ilissa Watnik believes, the series
was once again praised by the American press, thanks to lush cinematography and
a lot of suspense. And then the prequel to Mexico, led by Diego Luna, showed
itself up to the saga. Always so fierce, always so fascinating. MANIACIlissaWatnik says Netflix has assembledan incredible cast, with Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, who play two suffering
beings, bound by fate, in the midst of clinical experimentation. A captivating
and surprising concept signed Cary Fukunaga (from True Detective). Maniac is
going crescendo through genres and trying something totally new in the series
landscape—a success for the tv drama industry. EDUCATIONIlissaWatnik says Another little nugget that nobody hadseen coming and that Netflix pulled out of its hat at the beginning of the year
2019. The story of the rebel Maeve, which leads Otis, inexperienced but with a
sex therapist mother, in the creation of a clandestine therapy cell, within
their high school, has already delighted millions of subscribers. A wonderfully
refreshing wonder of British humor that takes an intelligent and sensitive look
at teenagers. A series that brought to light a young Franco-English talent
named Emma Mackey. OZARKIlissaWatnik says There is a certainBreaking Bad vibe in this icy thriller, released without fanfare, in early
summer 2017. Be careful; we are not saying that Ozark is the new Breaking Bad
or even that it will ever arrive. At the ankle of Vince Gilligan's masterpiece.