Mark Bernhardt

Partner, Business Analyst, and Experience Architect in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Mark Bernhardt

Partner, Business Analyst, and Experience Architect in Kenosha, Wisconsin

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Man at Work

I'm a career student/practitioner of how customer service, design, PR, social media & Web support brand.

I enjoy looking at a need or a problem and coming up with a creative solution. I invest in the relationships formed with clients–and in helping them, in turn, establish and nurture relationships with their customers and clients. I've shared conference and dinner tables with (E/S)VPs and directors of major corporations, as well as with local entrepreneurs who have big aspirations. That last auto/home/life/health insurance mailing you received from one of the name brands in the US? Quite likely, it originated from software-as-a-service I built or managed—or both. (You're welcome.) I've also built an intellectual property lifecycle management system, from ideas to patents, for a multi-national company.

I got started on the Web as an undergraduate, when a mathematics professor led a seminar for his colleagues and asked if I'd like to join. That day I created my first page and I was hooked. As a grad student, I built a small website on the physics department's subdomain and populated it with office hours, quiz previews/averages and other helpful resources for my students. After grad school, I devoured books and whatever else I could find on user interface and user experience design. Opportunities in those first 18 months took me from Manhattan, Kansas, to... well, that other Manhattan.

Life's Work: Life, Itself

Speaking of big aspirations, I've devoted time away from work to a passion for music, especially as a fan and friend to indie musicians. I greatly admire the singer-songwriter-storyteller and have helped with promotion, social and grassroots, both before and after release. I've also successfully helped fund new releases.

I cook, I hike, I write, I travel, I experience life. I live by the motto, "Love is. Love does. Be Love." There's much more to my story, one I would tell over coffee or wine.

[And yes, "doohicky" is a technical term. Ask me when we meet for that drink. Toon by JC Little, The Animated Woman.]

  • Work
    • GS Marketing Group, Inc.
  • Education
    • University of Wisconsin
    • BS in Physics