Inez Corrêa de Sá

Europe - Remote

Inez Corrêa de Sá

Europe - Remote

Age is a number. Vivid experience is what matters to me the most.

Human-focused communicator and marketeer. Holds global-scope views and hands-on experience.
A motivated self-starter, results-oriented go-getter, working through clear and focussed communication skills.

An assertive team player, triggering priorities and supporting the whole teams on meeting each and collective goals in peak performance.

Comfortable with seeking and picking up new skills and knowledge pods. Aware in continuous changes, therefore challenges and needs.

A true believer in Strong Human Connection as a base for happiness, and a successful quality of a fuller life.

I hold strong opinions on Branding, Reputation, valuing Clarity, Perseverance, Sustainability, Respect, Social Responsibility, Ethics, Seriousness with a Smile : )

I believe my silks - natural and learnt - are a part of my whole, in a blend of personal and professional continuous improvement:

:: Digital Communication

:: European & Global Experience

:: Marketing, Reputation, Branding, Advertising

:: Customer Experience

:: Consumer Research & Insight

:: Product Management

:: Sales &Retail/Service Network & Training

:: Project Management & Operations

::... 1998: Diploma in Marketing, Public Relations & Advertising; Lisboa, Portugal

::... 2011: University / BAHons English & Business Systems; Bristol, England

::... Languages: Native English & Portuguese; Spoken Spanish; little grip on French, Italian. Working on getting a B1 in German (Jan'16)

::... A bit more about me

Half English, half Portuguese; Born and brought up in Portugal; University years in Bristol, UK; Work experience in England, Portugal, Germany and Switzerland.

My experience also includes European and Global product and communication launches, life cycle management, current and future portfolio, planning and forecasting, digital platform communication, programme implementation.

What runs through my veins? Connecting people and Opportunities – Networking to benefit all.

  • Education
    • BA Hons, English and Business Systems