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Modern Photo Booth EXPERTS!
We are not a traditional booth - SO much better in fact!
We have an OPEN layout, and thus you can do big group shots, use our funny props, and control your own shots. After each snap, the image is displayed on our big LCD TV,where everyone can see and laugh. No one has the ultra white backdrop we have, and the open room. You won't find a higher quality and more fun photo booth than us!
Here's what you get from our photo booth (there's 2 professional, fun attendants at every event)
Super high quality UNLIMITED shots (24 megapixels!) with classy, crisp white backdrops. (or a custom backdrop!)
We Upload the pics instantly to our site for you and your guests to have forever. All downloads free forever.
YOU to control the shots, and every pic Projected on a flat screen TV we bring
Onsite printing--unlimited color or B&W 4x6, amazing quality!
(customize message/design on the prints - "Kevin & Lily - 10/11/2013")
Established in 2012, it all started when 2 friends experienced a photo booth at a party and had a blast. These 2 entrepreneurs wanted to take the idea to the next level though, and offer something even more entertaining and unique. They brainstormed, researched, and tested many methods. InsideOutBooth was born - the highest quality, biggest group shot takin', instant uploadin', most fun photo booth in the Tri-State area!