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At Integrity Repipe Inc we insulate all the hot water pipes under your house to help retain the heat in your hot water lines. It is non-porous, fiber free, and resistant to mold growth. Sound of running water when all water is turned off A hot or cold spot on the floor New cracks in walls or flooring Excessive moisture under carpets & High water bills. We do Slab Leak Detection Without Destruction! Using Ultrasonic Meters, Infrared Thermometers, Digital Acoustic Technology, and Thermal Imaging, we can find your leak without damaging your home. This warranty also covers subsequent service calls relating to potable water repiping workmanship and material defects, as noted above, which will be repaired and/or replaced at no cost to you.

Address : 27281 Las Ramblas, Suite 200, Mission Viejo, CA 92656

Tel : 877-473-7473