Iris Cornell

Meditation Specialist 1 in Michigan

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A friend of mine, Dr. Susan Taylor, stated “when you label something and identify with it, such as “I have anxiety” you give it a home, a place to take root and reside. Further, she inferred if you see yourself as the person with the condition, you unawarely feed the mind with this and the body will mirror the mind. Being aware of what we say inwardly or outwardly will impact your well being. There are ways to harrness this.

Taylor in her book, “Feeling Good Matters” shared change your lifestyle, and reduce the inner talk about labeling a condition, and through meditation, you can uncover the root cause of your illnesses to develop a holistic and sustainable plan for living.

Meditation is one of the ways that I have used to make changes in my holistic path toward health and wellness. We are bombarded daily with the negativity in our world, and we need to find ways to to feel good and relax muscular tension and the autonomic nervous system and provide freedom from mental stress. Using positive attitudes, stress reduction, looking inward, healing energy, and understanding our mind, does help to change how we view our inner being, thereby, learning to make the changes in response to negativity, and learn to improve our life's quality.

There are several paths to accomplishing a healthy and holistic life style. Personally, I use several techniques to achieve a balance, use of prayer, aromatherapy, reiki, meditation, and intuition. It takes daily habits through these specific measures to improve and make the changes we seek.

Taylor has taught me once “we learn how to identify our habits. Once they're uncovered, we can escape their effect and be free to create new habits that sustain the energy to fulfill our live purpose". In our hurried world, finding ways to reduce stress, balance our senses, and replenish our energies is key and feeling good does matter.

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