With more than fifteen years of singing J-Pop and anime songs behind her, Irulanne is well known around the internet for her distinctive and powerful voice, which she has also used in a long career of anime fandubbing.

Irulanne is available to perform at anime conventions and Japanese cultural events all around the world:

As a Jpop Guest Performer

As a host and judge for a singing competition

As a panelist about jpop singing and how to create your own singing group

As a panelist about Voice Acting and Vocal training

Convention appearances:

Otakuthon 2006 as Guest Performer (Irulanne & Friends 2006)

Otakuthon 2007 as Guest Performer (Irulanne & Friends 2007) and Director and Host of Otakuthon Idol

Ac-Cubed 2007 as Guest Performer

Montreal's Matsuri Japan 2007 as Guest Performer

Otakuthon 2008 as Guest Performer for Otakuthon Idol

Otakuthon 2010 as Guest Performer, Judge for Otakuthon Idol and Panelist

Anime North 2011 as the AN IDOL director and guest performer

Ganime 2012 as a Guest performer and Gidole judge

Anime North 2012 as the AN IDOL director and guest performer

Anime Revolution 2012 Performing Guest and idol judge