With more than fifteen years of singing J-Pop and anime songs behind her, Irulanne is well known around the internet for her distinctive and powerful voice, which she has also used in a long career of anime fandubbing.

Irulanne is available to perform at anime conventions and Japanese cultural events all around the world:

  • As a Jpop Guest Performer
  • As a host and judge for a singing competition
  • As a panelist about jpop singing and how to create your own singing group
  • As a panelist about Voice Acting and Vocal training

Convention appearances:

  • Otakuthon 2006 as Guest Performer (Irulanne & Friends 2006)
  • Otakuthon 2007 as Guest Performer (Irulanne & Friends 2007) and Director and Host of Otakuthon Idol
  • Ac-Cubed 2007 as Guest Performer
  • Montreal's Matsuri Japan 2007 as Guest Performer
  • Otakuthon 2008 as Guest Performer for Otakuthon Idol
  • Otakuthon 2010 as Guest Performer, Judge for Otakuthon Idol and Panelist
  • Anime North 2011 as the AN IDOL director and guest performer
  • Ganime 2012 as a Guest performer and Gidole judge
  • Anime North 2012 as the AN IDOL director and guest performer
  • Anime Revolution 2012 Performing Guest and idol judge