Isabel Cristina

Photography, Art, Typography, in New Jersey

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I have always been a creative individual. In my life, I have experimented with different art media and have stretched my creativity in a number of ways.

Growing up I was fascinated by all types of pens, markers, pencils, and crayons. I enjoyed using combinations of these to experiment with different effects. This early interest has culminated into an intense love of calligraphy/typography while my background in drawing has equally influenced my now special interest in computer animation.

My passion & interest is in the Arts. Arts/Crafts, Color, Animation, Photography, Typography, Calligraphy, Japanese Art/calligraphy, Science, Ammonites, etc... Cosmetology-Hairstylist/Nails/Makeup; and Social Media. Also, write copy (quotes) 'to be' in greeting cards once copyrighted. Yes; I have varied tastes and varied interests!

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