Isabel Young

London, United Kingdom.

As a Researcher, I have explored BAME women's experiences of anti-Muslim racism, constructions of sexual violence on Facebook, migrant social inclusion initiatives, and 'lad culture'. In collaboration with Dr. Alison Phipps, our work on 'lad culture' has included exploringwomen students' experiences of the issue in higher education, its impact on agency and sexualisation, and its relationship withneoliberalism and the marketised university. Our research has received widespread press coverage, including a discussion on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour.

I have a BA in Sociology and an MA in Gender Studies from the University of Sussex. My interests are also centred on the cuts,violence against women and girls, and inclusive migration, which I recently been researching in North America for the WCMT.

As a Facilitator, I have run community development programmes for migrant mothers in schools across Tower Hamlets, East London. Amongst other things, I have also coordinated therapeutic intervention projects for OFM, aimed at supporting young people affected by family breakdown.

Through my activism and campaigning, I have worked with rape crisis charities and UK Uncut on the issues of violence against women and the cuts.

Please contact me regarding research presentations, seminars and public speaking appearances.