Issa Asad

Issa Asad is an entrepreneur and senior sales executive with over 15 years in the telecom industry. Mr. Asad is currently the Managing Member of Quadrant Holdings Group, LLC, a holding company that comprises of separate entities, including Q Link Wireless, LLC, which he also co-founded.

Known throughout the prepaid and telecom industry, Mr. Asad consistently delivers and sustains profitable gains within a highly competitive domestic and international market. Utilizing his knowledge and expertise of the telecommunications industry, he has pioneered some of the nation’s premier telecommunications providers and companies, including NCOM Networks, RTN Networks, Reliable Telecard and most recently, Q Link Wireless.

Q Link Wireless is the nation’s fastest-growing provider of discount and prepaid wireless services. The company offers low-income families and individuals a free phone with free monthly minutes via the federal Lifeline Assistance program.

Mr. Asad joined the telecommunications industry in 1996. By the age of 30, he established what is now a multi-hundred million dollar a year prepaid industry.

Intelecard News magazine has profiled Mr. Asad as a telecommunications executive with “real vision”. Additionally, the Prepaid Press newspaper has featured Mr. Asad as a “Telecom Mover of the Month”, labeled him a “playmaker” and called him one of the “top telecommunications executives” in the United States.

Presently, Mr. Asad focuses on acquiring Quadrant Holdings’ partnerships with telecommunications and technology companies in the South Florida area, and increasing Q Link Wireless’ authority within the discount and prepaid wireless industry.