Iza Bano

a few Ground Rules:
No cameras/picture-taking
No recording

Contact Information:
E-mail me at goodolkippy@gmail.com

A&P1 SI Timings and Locations:

Monday 8pm to 10pm

Tuesday6pm to 8pm

Thursday 4pm to 6pm

Friday1pm to 3pm

What is SI?
SI stands for Supplemental Instruction. We're not tutors.
Basically, I attend classes to refresh my memory (I am not a student).
I hold sessions outside of class where I kind of reteach the material. I go with the material. So while we're on Chapter 4, I'm not going to be going into Chapter 1.

What are the benefits of attending SI?
Statistics show that studenta who attend SI make a whole letter grade higher than a student who does not attend SI.
I used to attend Si for this class too.. Trust me. SI helps soo much. I did not stress out as much as I would have with it. It really helped guide me through the course. I knew what and how much to study.
Even though some chapters are repeated every other session, it really helps. Repetition is good.
If you come to SI, you'll learn a few effective study skills too.

What do I need to bring with me to SI?
Bring your notes and your brain. That's all you need (;
Some paper or a SI notebook are pretty handy too (from my own experience as a student).

If you're shy and you need help in the course, SI is perfect for you. I do most of the talking. You don't really have to say anything at all if you don't want to.
Trust me. I understand.

So. I'll tell you a little about me first. I'm open-minded and relaxed. I also have a good sense of humour. I succeeded in this course and attended SI as a student too. I absolutely love this subject and love SI-ing for it. I don't mind going over things and repeating at all. SI is fun for me.