J.D. Michael

Columbus, Ohio USA

J.D. Michael is an independent author and poet. His writing focuses on contemporary adult fiction with an emphasis on realism and true to life situations. Born in Ohio 1969 he currently lives in Columbus Ohio. Much of J.D.'s writing is inspired by his years struggling with addictions to alcohol and drugs while experiencing various periods of deep depression and homelessness. He has traveled extensively in the continental U.S. and has done everything from construction work to washing dishes to earn a living.
J.D. Published two original short stories in 2013. "The Puzzle", published in April 2013 is the story of Bill Whitmore, an elderly man struggling with life, loss, and growing old alone. "Hopeless" also published in April of 2013 is the story of Dan Clark, a man who winds up homeless after losing everything in life that held any meaning for him.