J.J. McCullough

Writer in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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I’m J.J. McCullough. I’ve got a bunch of interests and skills.

I like to write and draw and talk. Over the years I've worked as a cartoonist, columnist, YouTuber, and news commentator for television and radio. I’ve created several educational websites and have contributed to many others.

I am currently a weekly columnist for the Washington Post, in the Global Opinions section. I write about Canadian politics for an international audience.

I am also responsible for the popular Canada Guide website.

I like talking and learning and trying to make complicated topics easier to understand. I’m fascinated by politics, history, foreign cultures, middle class life, philosophy, art, cartoons, and video games.

You can email me at jjmccullough@gmail.com or call me at 778-928-5547.