John Sim

John currently runs his own company Digaset in the UK. Working on improving and expanding upon Oracle E2.0 Solutions bringing new User eXperiene concepts to the table.

As part of this, he has setup a strategic alliance with Fishbowl Solutons in the US. Pushing concepts like console device component integrations integrations with the Xbox Kinect to bring body/hand guestures and voice recognition into the mix of Oracles Fusion Middleware (FMW) Suite.

With over ten years of experience in graphical user interfaces, web, application and database development. John has leveraged Oracle’s Enterprise 2.0 platform, including the web content management component of Oracle ECM and the portal capabilities of WebCenter, to create award winning websites and portals for manufacturing, public sector, and non-profit organizations.

As one the active members of the Oracle community his focus is to provide key information, support and advice for the Oracle community on technology and UX. One of the key sites he can now be found on is Fishbowl Solutions Blog.

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