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255 434 111 425 241What is different now that Circle of Moms is part of POPSUGAR? With our new design and navigation, you now have the best of POPSUGAR at your fingertips! That means more info on parenting products, fashion, beauty, style, living, and more. In addition, it will now be easier for the millions of moms currently browsing POPSUGAR to find and join Circle of Moms. This means more moms to join our communities, more conversations, more support and a wider variety of moms sharing their motherhood stories. Return to top With over 6 million members, Circle of Moms by POPSUGAR is the most authentic online social resource dedicated to making the lives of moms easier and more enjoyable. We help moms connect, both to one another and to their families, to capture and share their children’s stories and to tap a rich and authentic source of advice and support: other moms. On Circle of Moms, you can create a private circle for your mom friends, tap into the wisdom of an international community 24/7, and create Child Pages to keep permanent, shareable journals of your children's special moments. You have complete control over your experience, from the moms you interact with to the communities you join and the frequency of email contact. Thanks to you and the millions of Squids who have embraced The Scroll of Originality, Squidoo has reached records amount of traffic, ns. pages that don't work, pages the search engines don't like, and pages that are cookie-cutter instead of personal. giai phap phan mem