Haekal ❣

Student and Dancer in Surabaya, Indonesia

Haekal ❣

Student and Dancer in Surabaya, Indonesia

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Hello, I’m Haekal. 17 years old, born at Makassar on 9th Sept 1999, I’m a student living in Surabaya, Indonesia since you clicked the link which mean that you wanted to follow me on my Spam (@Ryunase) also you know I'm not accepting Random People Just by requesting on my Spam.

❣ Some Stuff More info: ✌

I'm F. Haekal Nathan you can call me whatever you like I don't care at all, but mostly all my friends call me Hae/Haekal and My Romaji name (Haekkaru) I appreciate it to meet new friends out there sometimes I just don't know how to start a conversation since I'm pretty shy at people who I dont know

✍ Also my interest are ;

Drawing, Editing, Dancing, Anime, Music, K-POP and Others

So to get accepted Just DM-me

Your name, age, Birthday, And Your Fav (idol,anime character etc.) Since I'd like to know more about you

just a Warning;

- don't follow me if you hate one of my friends and just wanted to fight

- don't follow me if you fighting over Character

- I'm pretty obsessed with Anime And K-POP I mostly will spam Them so if you feel uncomfortable don't follow

So that's all Thanks for Reading 👋 see ya