James Deo Dawson Sr

Small Business Owner, Consultant, and Web Developer in Indianapolis, Indiana

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I am an entrepreneur with many business interests. My official business title is Business Development Strategist. My proudest website creation is http://www.WorkAtHomeBusinessSecrets.webs.com Be sure to also visit one of my other greatest website accomplishments http://www.JamesDeoDawsonSr.webs.com (JamesDeoDawsonSrWorld)

I first started accumulating data for the WAHBS website in 2000, when I first started as an internet entrepreneur.

Before the WAHBS website, which is now my main website, there was JamesDeoDawsonSrWorld that I started in the later part of 2005 after performing 5 /12 years of thorough research on over 100 companies claiming to offer the chance of a lifetime.

The research consisted of actually joining the companies business opportunities, performing background checks on the company owners, checking with the BB and Chamber of Commerce in their state, reviewing so called testimonials by people believed to be actual members, reviewing comments from people on forum websites who actually became members of the different companies, etc.

So therefore between the two websites, there has been 8 1/2 years of combined research, data building, verifications, cataloging, etc.

The WAHBS website serves as a training ground for everyone to take advantage of regarding the use of marketing tools, educational resources, marketing resources, moral boosting, etc.

It is my opinion that my WAHBS website is very unique on the internet today because as far as I know,‭ ‬it is the ONLY website on the internet today to have such an over abundant amount of FREE resources available for EVERYONE to take advantage of with a FORUM added to the website to boot!!

I VERY much would like to get everyone's input on this website.‭ ‬I also would like to get everyone's help in getting the word out to as many people as possible about this website.

This website with the over abundant amount of educational material available,‭ ‬in my opinion could prove to be a major powerhouse of educational material available to those who REALLY want to succeed.‭ ‬ESPECIALLY to those whom have never,‭ ‬ever performed any internet marketing.

Now maybe you are someone whom already has a business model in place or your own dream that you have a burning desire to make a reality.‭ ‬GREAT!! This website WILL help.

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