James Eisele Photography

About working with me

~ There are a lot of really talented photographers out there. What separates me from them? Well, I do killer work, but that's expected. I'm courteous and respectful to my clients. I don't like people that waste my time, and I'm sure you don't either. When it comes to the shoot, I'm a deliberate, tenacious, demanding, perfectionist; just like you. In order to deliver images that do what you want them to do, on time and on budget, I sit down with my team and discuss the project, and what will be needed, so I can provide you with a well detailed proposal. No one likes surprises on their bill. If changes were made, and expectations were changed, I use a Change Order to document the fee (or at least note that there was a fee that was waived) I do not just add it to the bill with the 'expectation' that you "shoulda known" it was going to be billed. This doesn't mean I'm difficult to work with. On the contrary, a clearly defined plan makes everything run more smoothly. The shoot can be much more fun if the chaos and stress of trying to figure things out "on the fly" is removed from the equation!


~ I was born in Bronx NY, grew up in Rural PA, and have called South FL home through all of my adult life. Art and Design have always been a dominant part of my personal and professional life. I stood behind the viewfinder of my first camera at the age of 11, a Brownie Hawkeye given to me by my mother, and this began my lifelong passion for "painting with light". Primarily a natural light photographer through most of my 30 year photographic journey, I stepped in to a professional studio for the first time in 2008 and fell in love all over again...


  • NAPP North American Association of Photoshop Professionals
  • ASMP - American Society of Media Photographers
  • PPA/PPFG Professional Photographers of America (Florida Guild)
  • Hollywood Digital Photographers Assn.