Singer, Songwriter, and Actor in Beverly Hills, California

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Courage is not a lack of fear but finding a way to work with it. I won't be jumping out of any plane but I will be chasing my dreams and making them my reality. Dreams should be a goal to a reality not a wish that never was. Our parents dreams sometimes live through us. I respect my parents, my friends, hardwork and determination. Throughout my life I have dedicated it to helping others keep or reach their goals. Now I am chasing mine. I have written songs about family, faith, hope and survival.

I am inspired by others who are brave enough to stand up for something more. All of us are gifted by imagination, do something with yours.

In 2000 I founded Panda Paws to protect the environment and animals which are close to my heart. Below are several doors to my world.

Thank you for discovering my pages and have a pleasant journey.