Jane Tyson

Connector, Contributor, and Educator in Guildford, UK

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"Understanding your own story is one of the hardest and more important things we have to do." Michael Josefowicz

"Jane Tyson. You are a wonder-woman and you make me so happy for giving me the opportunity to share my story with anyone out there! With a loving bow." Julia Hayden

“Jane leads random dialogues with a rare combination of welcoming, open, inclusive calmness, that immediately puts everyone at ease. It’s very ‘real’, it’s authentic, and in my experience, quite unique!” Niall Jones

What do you ‘LOVE to do?’

Have you ever thought about shaking life up and turning it around?

‘I don’t know who I am anymore, I’m lost, why is everyone else getting it right?’

Not knowing who we are and feeling a lack of support is symptomatic of life today and so is feeling misunderstood.

It seems that modern-day life is aimed at satisfying systems and systematic behaviour first and foremost

Satisfying human need is now secondary.

Life runs at such a fast pace, there’s a constant stream of digital information, we are disengaged largely and most people are very distracted. Our attention spans are poor and stress is the result.

I work creatively with individuals, and teams.

Reconnecting you to what you LOVE to do and your story. Building online communities around this and connecting you to the relevant people.

Teaching you how to share creative collateral and engaging content on the right platform to build an audience.

After our conversation, you'll receive a free mind map where I capture 8 magical moments that will ignite your passion and align you more with what you LOVE to do.

I'll share Professor Rama Dasaratha's LIFESmart Learning Toolkit too. It helps you to focus and get stuff done.

My interests include entrepreneurship, innovation, technology.

Also, RANDOM DIALOGUES, writing Haikus, facilitating creative spaces, philosophy, psychology, raising RESILIENT KIDS, growing teenagers, solving world problems one mum at a time, yoga and meditation, traveling, hill walking, youth hostelling, wildlife gardening, and my allotment.

I look forward to hearing your story

Warm wishes



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What clients say about me
I can wholeheartedly recommend Jane as a creative catalyst and stimulator of ideas but she's also great to work with if you want to build an online community around your business or product
Phil Shepherd, Radical Relaxation
Jane is full of creative energy, she is passionate about bringing the best out in her clients. A good listener and helps you come up with great angles and concepts in a very natural way. I felt like her creativity was contagious and I came away from the session buzzing with new ideas. I would highly recommend her services
James Banfield, The Liberated Mind
I really appreciate Jane's coaching style and her approach to thinking about life. She's insightful and reflective and humorous with it, and her ideas and ways of thinking help me see things from a different perspective. I would highly recommend working with Jane if you would like some fresh ideas and to work with a creative, fun and vibrant person to help you grow in whatever path you are focusing on.
Nat Inman, Chief of Staff, Microsoft
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