Janine Budding

Project Manager, Writer, and Editor in Oss, Nederland

Janine Budding

Project Manager, Writer, and Editor in Oss, Nederland

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Eigenaar en firestarter MedicalFacts. Owner and Firestarter Medicalfacts & MedEasy. Nieuwe initiatieven in de zorg. Firestarter Zorgcommunicatie http://www.medicalfacts.nl

Netherlands – Janine Budding is Managing Director of MedicalFacts and she is a Dutch medical journalist and publisher. Janine has been a active promotor and ambassador for health 2.0 ,eHealth and patient participation. Janine began to promote healthcare issues in the Netherlands since 2005.

Patient participation in health care leads to lower spending on health care due to fewer specialty care referrals. Health care in cocreation with the patient will lead to cheaper and better health care through better communication between health care workers and the patient, patient will receive fewer diagnostic tests and referrals, and yield lower expenses for diagnostic testing.

A contributing factor to lower costs is increased patient participation during the visit, which reduces patients' anxiety and perceived need for further investigations and referrals. In a eviorment of more effective patient-physician communication, physician gets more knowledge about the patient and their hughe knowlegde on their disease.

Janine focuses on women health and ethical issue for patients

Janine is an active member for of the NVEH Dutch Association for eHealth, focusing on business modeling, raising eHealth awareness of HCPs, and Patient Self management and Health 2.0. since 2006.


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