Jarobin G. Gilbert


Hello everyone,

I am a travel, culture and linguistic enthusiast who has decided to take up a career path in the field of Marketing & Advertising. I have been lucky enough to do work in Traditional and Digital Media channels over the course of my experiences.

Growing up New York, living in Germany throughout college, and through travel/ meeting people from all over the world, I have long searched for the inherent link between language and the development of human personality and how that translates into our every day lives.

I have a firm belief that if paid attention to more closely, we can come together more as a planet. I love to talk about history, worldwide events, music, pop culture and emerging technologies all the time but also, what makes cultures and people unique? If you like to talk about similar things, I'd love to get to know you. Feel free to connect with me on anyone of the Social Media links I've listed below and let's have a chat.

Looking forward to talking to you :)

  • Education
    • Hamiilton College
    • University of Dortmund
    • Free University of Berlin