Jeanine W. Turner

I am a professor at Georgetown University in the Communication, Culture and Technology Program. I have been at Georgetown for the past 15 years and I teach about communication and the role of new media in understanding the way we interact with one another. I also teach in Georgetown's McDonough School of Business.

My research explores the impact of new media within organizational environments in the forms of telemedicine, online support, multicommunicating, and creating presence. I have also researched other contexts for communication within the fields of nursing, education, and banking. I have co-authored more than 70 articles and book chapters associated with these topics.

In addition to teaching and research, I have also worked with executives and organizations to provide seminars in these areas Some of the organizations I have worked with include: National Association of Broadcasters, National Football League, Verizon, the country of Montenegro, Texas Instruments, U.S. Department of Agriculture, AOL, OPIC, International Security Managers Association, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Sprint/Nextel, Rolls Royce, the Pentagon, the Smithsonian, Bayer, AREVA, Medstar, the National Journal, and the Staff of the U.S. Senate.