Jefferson Boggs


~ ~


and Welcome!

It is a


delightful day

in Northern California

as I gaze out the window

at my garden's flowers and

swaying trees that are offering

oranges, figs, cherries and sugar plums.

am aspiring
to be


to be

an ever better

Young Spirit, Old Soul.

Host in Life,

World Traveler,

Scholar, Dancer and Bon Vivant.

Don't worry,

I'm not interested in selling you anything.

What I am interested in is

Building a Bridge to Peace by

Creating a World That Works for Everyone.

Ahem, OK. . .

Getting back to the about me part

as the link promised:

Doctorate in Law,

Graduate of Art School

and Santa Claus School... (Really).

It would be an honor

to follow you and most everyone back

on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

So please click on the links very bottom

if you have family friendly pages

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Let's be Friends Forever!

Warm regards

and All the Best to You,