Jeffrey Stark

Accessibility & Inclusion in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Jeffrey Is A Firm believer in the 3 Ts to happiness: 1) Tools 2) Toys 3) Tech.

Interests: IT, mobile devices, assistive/adaptive technology, accessibility and inclusive technology.

Jeffrey has been working in this field for over 20 years and is widely viewed as an expert in Inclusive & Accessible Information & Communication Technology. He has been a guiding voice in a number of accessibility initiatives in Canada. He has provided training for developers, publishers, technicians and a wide variety of other audiences across Canada on topics such as accessible application design, web accessibility and adaptive computer technology. He manages a group of passionate, engaged, enthusiastic & experienced Accessibility,, Job Accommodation & Adaptive Technology Subject Matter Experts. He manages a World Class group that is internationally recognised for the work they do and continues to be a driving force for digital inclusion of people with disabilities.

In his personal life, Jeffrey has been advocating for accessibility and inclusion within Canada. Jeffrey strongly believes in the need for institutionalization of accessibility requirements into all areas with an IT component. There are internationally recognized standards that developers need to follow in order for a system to be accessible. This is a little like the accessibility standards in the build environment (i.e. doorways have to be a certain width to accommodate a wheelchair, ramps, signage, contrasting colors etc). The same exists in web content, applications and other systems. Accessibility means that people with and without disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with information, services and applications. The adoption of accessibility standards, guidelines and best practices ensure that systemic barriers are eliminated prior to individual accommodations. Jeffrey is very aware of the technology that is deployed across Canada in the general public. He regularly volunteers his technical services in the general public to persons with disabilities and families of persons with disabilities who require technological accommodations. He has organised a number of events both professionally and personally including most recently fund raising & organising the delivery of a Braille Camp For Kids.

He sits on the board of a number of non-profit organisations for and of people with disabilities including Citizens with disabilities ont

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