Jennifer Roberts

Turkey, Antalya

After graduating summa cum laude with a double major in Classics and Philosophy from Santa Clara University and getting a J.D. from Yale Law, I realized that as much as I enjoyed the mental challenge of law school, the legal profession wasn't going to give me the quality of life I craved.

Young, single, with no kids, and guided by my passion for Argentine Tango and the good life, I moved to the chaotic creative whirlpool that is Buenos Aires, where I started a new path in online marketing, working for Google, Buscapé, and Enzyme Venture Capital, an early startup incubator in Buenos Aires.

Now in Turkey, I run a textile business with my partner, and consult for clients from North and South America, as well as regionally throughout Europe and Asia Minor. I also help my clients pursue deals for international textile and beverage trade, as well as consult for north american mining technology companies. If you want to meet to discuss working together, book a free call with me or go directly to mypaid consulting options via

When I'm not doing any of that, you can find me running on the beach, dancing tango, or learning to cook new cuisines .

  • Work
    • Blogging, Consulting, International Trade
  • Education
    • b.a. Philosophy
    • B.a. Classical Languages and Literatures
    • J.D.