Dr. Jerri Lynn Hogg

Passionate about social media, technology, and digital environments, Jerri Lynn researches and consults on how we communicate, connect, and find balance in changing environments. As a psychologist she applies theory, practice, and research to humanizing the technological landscape and digital experience.

Jerri Lynn is also an international presenter and consultant examining the cultural influence on human behavior and digital media, virtual communities and worlds, connection through social media communities, the psychology behind effective communication design, new and changing learning communities, and how to create solid user experience design.

Media Psychology
Educational Online/Virtual Consultant
Senior Research Fellow


Research interest:

Social Media

How we communicate in a digital world

Augmented Reality

Managing our Digital Image


Changing Cultures

Environments – Digital, Virtual & More

Experience design and perception

Design and Information

Narrative Media


Transmedia Storytelling

Engagement and motivation