Jess Rimington

Jess is an entrepreneur, activist, and futurist working to eradicate inequity that dehumanizes. She works in leadership and support roles in pursuit of more just economic and political systems.

Jess is currently with /The Rules, a global collective of activists and organizers addressing the roots causes of inequality and poverty, and also serves as a Visiting Scholar with Stanford University’s Global Projects Center.

Jess founded and led the social enterprise One World Youth Project from 2004 to 2012, a non-profit which links schools around the world to build mutual respect and understanding among students and provide the global life skills needed for success in the interconnected 21st century. Jess scaled the organization from an all-volunteer effort to operations run by eight full-time staff, managing client, participant and government relations across five countries (Guyana, Turkey, Kosovo, USA, and Pakistan). In fall 2012 Jess led OWYP's successful acquisition by the El-Hibri Foundation for a two-year, fully-funded program development period. She served as a Special Advisor and Board member to OWYP during its time with El-Hibri and passed on leadership to an incoming Executive Director in 2014.

Prior to OWYP, Jess began her career in the environmental justice movement as a mentee of Dr. Jane Goodall and her staff. As their Youth Correspondent she became quickly embedded within the 'social change sector' and was exposed to the good, the incredible, the bad, and the ugly of the non-profit community, inspiring her to embark on a career in pursuit of new ways of 'doing business’ for social justice. Jess has a B.S.F.S. from Georgetown University.

After OWYP, before joining with /The Rules, Jess signed on as a consulting strategist and entrepreneur to support the founding team of Delivery Associates led by renowned expert and inventor of ‘deliverology’ Sir Michael Barber, which partners with government leaders to deliver systemic, national reform in education and health.