Jess Rimington

Public Speaker, Writer, and Consultant in Washington, DC

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Jess Rimington is an activist, strategist and entrepreneur working to eradicate inequity that dehumanizes. She works in leadership and support roles in pursuit of more just economic and political systems.Jess builds teams, analysis, story, and connective tissue among local movements and across emerging thought to help bring seemingly ‘radical’ ideas into mainstream consciousness.

Jess serves as a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University within the Global Projects Center, where she works in partnership with co-author Joanna Cea to investigate best practices in co-creative innovation. Together they are holding space for the emergence a new methodology for addressing “wicked problems” such as global climate change, extreme inequality and poverty. The method, called a recollective way, is based upon collaborative research and analysis with a group of over 20 organizations at the leading edge of co-creative solutions development. Jess and Joanna have published several articles and are working on a forthcoming book

Jess most recently served as Managing Director at The Rules, a global collective addressing the root causes of inequality and poverty. At The Rules Jess built a global team to engage the sense of crises around the world as an opportunity to spark conversation and analysis around an emerging global transition story --a transition toward a new economy, flourishing with beautiful alternatives. She worked to create a greater sense of self-awareness amongst the broad post-capitalist movement(s), and to contextualize relevant local/national political crises in the larger whole-system context, as well as to reveal opportunities for connection and action.

Prior to Stanford and The Rules, Jess founded and led the social enterprise One World Youth Project from 2004 to 2012, a non-profit which links schools around the world to build mutual respect and understanding among students and provide the global life skills needed for success in the interconnected 21st century.

Since 2012, Jess has consulted social change oriented clients across the public and private sectors on organizational strategy, re-org, inclusive design, nonprofit management, executive leadership coaching, cross cultural considerations & design, earned-income model development, and HR.