Jessica Kumar

Strategic Marketing in Delhi, India

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Strategic Marketing Skills:

o Multi-Channel Content Curation

o Managerial Finance & HR Procedures

o Data Management

o User Experience Analysis

o Channel Planning

o New Hire Process Management & Onboarding

o Web Analytics

o Front End Web Design

o Proposal Analysis & RFP Creation

o Funder Management & Grant Writing

o Customer Retention Campaigns

o Full Circle Podcast Production

o Event Marketing (Webinar, Tradeshow, etc)

o Advertising Campaign Metrics

o Full Circle Webinar Production

o Press Release Strategy and Release Strategy & Execution

o Video Production & Creative Direction

o Fundraising and Public Speaking for both Direct Service and Indirect Service nonprofit organizations

o Nonprofit Advocacy and Policy work (US National Level)


Experienced in:

o MailChimp, Constant Contact

o Wordpress

o Newswire

o Google Analytics

o Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads

o Audacity

o CRM Softwares

o Environmentally Friendly Lifestyler

o International Business Experience (16 years)

o SOPI Certified AC Fluent Hindi Speaker


Featured On:

o Podcast Movement Blog

o Times of India NRI Contributor

o Learning India Podcast

o But What Will People Say Podcast

o Borderless Stories Podcast

o Scraping Raisins Blog

o The Fluent Show

o The Carolina Desi Podcast

o Humans of Bombay

o WorkMob India

Speaker for:

o Podcast Movement

o Polyglot Conference

o Burning Man

o Women in Language

  • Education
    • Indiana Wesleyan University, BS Marketing, Econ.