Jessica M. Frey

Holistic Women's Health in Portland, Oregon

Jessica M. Frey

Holistic Women's Health in Portland, Oregon

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I'm a lifelong dancer, not so secret bookworm and Holistic Women's Health Specialist.

I've danced since I was three and started doing bodywork because of my love of anatomy and movement.

Then I turned 30, and I was shocked when coming off of hormonal birth control threw my menstrual cycle, my health, and my life into a tailspin. I now lovingly call it my 2-year Hormone Hangover, but at the time it was not a joking matter.

Women are cyclical creatures, and while it is rarely talked about in Doctor's offices, I believe that...

Womb Health is Women's Health™ - A woman's reproductive health is at the core of many health struggles.

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I work with female bodies of all ages, ethnicities, and orientations, but one of the things they almost always have in common is a burning question.

You know that question that you're too embarrassed to ask your Doctor, or talk to your friends or family about.

Now you can ask me. Just click on the link below to book a FREE 20 Minute Phone Consultation.

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