Jessica M. Frey

Project Manager, Dancer, and Storyteller in Portland, Oregon

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WORK HARD: As a project manager, organizer of chaos and problem solver on steroids by day, I like to unwind by turning on the beats, turning off my brain, and getting present on the dance floor. My interests range from exploring the mindfulness of movement to how people interface with each other and technology. I geek out on behavior change, habit formation and how to communicate with people whose brains think differently from my own. I'm also interested in design, innovation, and the always popular bibliophilic addiction of reading.

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DANCE HARD: I am a life long dancer who’s logged her 10,000 hours twice (once in the traditional dance world and then in the couples dance world). Teaching others to experience the joy I find in movement, thrills me every time I see a student light up and get it. I still remember some of my ‘toughest’ students. The physics professor who finally got the waltz when I explained it as centrifugal force. The social wallflower who braved the floor for the very first time. The soccer player who learned to dance with a partner when I used sports analogies.

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