Jamie Lee

New York City

I work with self-starter women on confronting the fear of asking for her worth in the workplace through private coaching and hands-on group workshops. I have a vision to help one thousand women boldly ask for what she desires from her work. I’m working on making that vision a reality through learning, coaching, and sharing.

In 2012, while I was working as Operations Director at Tipping Point Partners, I decided to take action on the fact that you can’t negotiate something you don’t understand. That decision led to teaching classes on start-up equity for employees and helping to demystify the tax and legal fine prints of owning a piece of the start-up pie.

I strive to be a person of action who runs headlong into her fears. I believe in learning by doing, listening before asking, and in growing the pie.

  • Work
    • tresensa
  • Education
    • Smith College, BA in East Asian Studies