Jim Ramsey Khoury

Hello there. I am for now an undergraduate student in Electrical & Computer Engineering at the American University of Beirut. I am also minoring in both Biomedical Engineering and English Literature. I am an active participant in the AUB International Model UN club where | am secretary. In 2010 I traveled to the Harvard World MUN conference held in Taipei. I am also one of the founding members of the AUB Online Collaborative, a club that aims to promote the use of Social Media in Universities and the Youth. Finally, I am a volunteer in the Red Cross Youth department. I have a wide range of interests but most definitely I am a tech enthusiast above all others. Computers, silicon chips, mobile phones, open source software. You name it. Apart from that, I am also into discussing more academic topics ranging from science, to philosophy, to politics (preferably International). And of course, I consider myself to be a movie buff though I am also discovering anime. I recently took up photography but I am sorely out of practice.