Joakim Thörn


My weaknesses:

I admit without hesitation that I have difficulty with authority figures. I also have a tendency to start lecturing all the time for the people around me. As you can see I am not revealing my personal weaknesses in public like this without having an ulterior motive.
I do it to torpedo an inveterate prejudice.
I want to show that a weakness can be a strength.

Especially when you start to listen to both employees and customers, embraces errors and discrepancies in your business that you take the first step to real development and growth of your business or organization.

I´am a passionate onliner, speaker, entrepreneurial with several startups. With 15+ y combined experience in customer service & loyalty, sales and leadership I create value that can be directly quantified in measurable metrics for the business. Co founder of Itrim International, which is a documented worldwide leader in exercise and weight loss in terms of quantifiable indicators of long term wright loss and is highly committed to give to give to receive.

I am helping companies to grow through engaged employees and customers in the-moment-of-truth, nothing is as great as amazing customer experiences with personal emotional connection ;-)

Let´s do it and remember what goes around, that comes around!

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