Jodie Block, MS, RD, CDN

Jodie Block, MS, RD, CDN

Jodie Block, MS, RD, CDN is Founder of The Health 

Institute of Nutrition. Jodie was nationally recognized 

for her work in Woman’s Health and Weight Loss 

Nutrition speaking at venues including NYC Health 

Clubs, Wall Street Corporations, Radio broadcasts 

and TV segments including CBS News and Fox5 

Good Day New York, all while living in New York 

City prior to moving to San Diego a few years ago. 

Jodie’s expertise also includes a Certificate of 

Training in Childhood and Adolescent Nutrition. She 

can be reached at, to schedule 

a consult or public speaking. Jodie’s practice 

expertise includes childhood, adolescent, adult, 

prenatal, and high risk maternity weight 

management and wellness.