John Bergman

John Bergman is the company founder and Chief Software Architect for the XPertJustice series of products. With over 25 years of experience in the software development industry, John is Responsible for managing the end-to-end software architecture of the core application platform that XPertJustice is based upon. With a broad range of experience ranging from business processing to highly concurrent and scalable server systems to Compiler design and implementation, he brings architecture and discipline to the entire set of developmental activities ensuring a consistent, robust design and approach. John has a rich technical oversight and management background. He favors a development process that incorporates collaboration and agile engineering practices to allow for rapid delivering of high-quality, flexible software. In addition, he believes in a business model that aligns development with client needs and goals to produce distinctly customized configurable applications that help organizations maximize return on investment. Prior to founding XPedient, John held senior level software development and management positions for numerous companies, including: Gallagher Financial Systems where he served as the architect in charge of a document generation subsystem for a commercial mortgage software application, as VP of Development at Gordian Health Solutions he architected and lead the development of their Online Service Offerings, at Lexant, as Acting CTO, he orchestrated a dynamic call center application geared towards delivering interventions using print, online, and telephonic communications. Precisely due to this wide variety of experiences, John has the unique capability to abstract and optimize complex business problems to provide robust, resilient solutions.