John Brantley Hooks, IV

The genesis of the WWRG SM Networks began in early 1987 when I was asked to teach a course in technology skills for a training program designed to give women on public assistance a chance to learn a marketable skill and become economically viable. Many of these were single mothers, widows, or had been victims of abuse. Seeing the suffering that these women endured day-to-day and their determination to make a better life for themselves, their children, and the world, touched my heart forever. From that day forward I have dedicated my life to empowering women to be the best they can possibly be and help close the gender gap that has held them back.

"Necessary emphasis should be placed on the "genius of women", not only by considering great and famous women of the past or present, but also those ordinary women who reveal the gift of their womanhood by placing themselves at the service of others in their everyday lives. For in giving themselves to others each day women fulfil their deepest vocation. Perhaps more than men, women acknowledge the person, because they see persons with their hearts." - Pope John Paul II, Letter to Women, 29 June 1995

I created The WWRG SM Networks in 2009 to connect women of influence and wealth with each other in order to bring focus to some of the many charities, movements, and social causes that I began to see evolving since the dawn of the Millennium of the Woman. Starting with a blog, this network has now grown to include other social media technologies, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and others and now reaches women on five continents.

Our latest focus is on enabling Women Entrepreneurs across the globe by "connecting the dots" between services, support, and funding for their ventures. Inspire. Enable. Support. These are words we live by.

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