Jordan Carter

Wellington, New Zealand

Welcome to my bio! I keep myself busy in my work as Chief Executive of InternetNZ, a small NGO based in Wellington that protects and promotes the Internet for New Zealand.

Prior to this, I was a policy consultant working on the mix of Internet, telecommunications and media issues, and worked on a volunteer basis on the centre left of politics.

My main speciality and interest is the potential the Internet offers as a tool people can use to improve their lives and their communities. In the course of a decade of work in this field, I've developed a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the communications and Internet industries. I thoroughly understand the law, policy, commercial imperatives and strategy involved in maintaining and shaping its development.

I'm an occasional tramper & occasional cook; addict-level user of Twitter; amateur photographer; love travelling outside Wellington and New Zealand, openly gay, mysteriously single...

I am interested in the Internet and social media, travel, music, theatre and film, as well as politics and public affairs, from a social democratic point of view.

Music - because that is important - I like Kiwi stuff and Scottish and American indie pop... and some big band exceptions.

Qualifications: I'm a graduate of ISL's Strategic Leadership Programme (SLP42: 2014); I have a BA/BCom from the University of Auckland (in Geography, Politics and Economics) [2001], a BA (Hons) (first class) in Politics [2007], and an MA (distinction) in the same [graduating in 2013], from Victoria University of Wellington.

Always like to hear from new people: drop me a line!

  • Work
    • Chief Executive, InternetNZ
  • Education
    • m.a. Political Science
    • b.a. (Hons) political science