Jorge Furber

Monterrey, Nuevo León, México.

Founder & CEO of Maxilia®, an IT Consulting Company based in Monterrey, Mexico.

I worked within IT industry for +20 years and developed projects in Latin America with Newspapers, and other companies like Grupo Alfa, Cemex, some Banks, among others.

In parallel I developed two own business, a printing house and a Childrens Book Store and regional distribution for more than 5 years.

Autorized Distributor in Enzacta, since May 2003, a Multidimensional Marketing Company with a very good growth, 6 unique products in Mexico, 5 in USA and 2 in Spain, with prescence in Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Philipines and Korea, focusing in training and coaching entrepreneur people to help others, sell and develope market.

As a family counselor, I spend part of my time to share with other parents on education and training of children.

Conference speaker on leadership, sales, relationships, networking, education, family values, technology, internet, among others. I like writing and collaborated with some magazines and blogs.

Social Media Enthusiast.

I enjoy family, friends, technology, fitness, Football (Steelers of course), read a good book & Networking. Although I love technology, themes on health, nutrition and family education are also dedicated a good portion of my time to learn and update.