Joseph McDaniel

I'm the World's Most Boring Man. How boring am I? My personality is so anti-magnetic I can't carry credit cards. I have been known to induce narcolepsy by walking into a room. When I was a kid, I read comic books, and wanted superpowers like super-strength, super-speed, or the ability to fly.

As it turns out, my super power is exactly the correct one in for a Bankruptcy Attorney. Being super-boring helps anxious clients relax. And being super-boring works with Very Angry Creditors; they forget to be angry when they're really, really bored, and then they can decide whether they want to win, or whether they would prefer more money. And since 2005, I get to tell you that I'm a "debt relief agency", and I help people and businesses file bankruptcy!

I love my work as a bankrupcy lawyer in Arizona, and I write a bankruptcy blog, a health and longevity blog, and a blog to help baby lawyers and lawyers starting new practices, and a blog about my favorite way to stay sane and stay in shape, Shotokan Karate. And lately I've started making educational bankruptcy videos, which is fun, but not nearly as easy as I expected.