Artist, Recruiter, and Digital Media in East St. Louis, IL


Artist, Recruiter, and Digital Media in East St. Louis, IL

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Building a movement online in the cloud here with gamers, artists, networkers, entrepreneurs, stay at home workers, mothers and fathers you name it!

The intent involves the process of tithing every 7 days, as bloggers with pinned blogs representing the movement of giving back a percentage of online leveraged income via Home Business / BTC (Digital Assets) / Affiliate Programs and more. Read More...

EDTS is an online multi gaming community of artists, creatives, gamers, entrepreneurs and more, the core vibe or premise for taking part... is simply to strive for sustainable solutions, while investing in such ideas for the future generations.

Join in your own way at your own pace, be unique & share the net. Start by creating a Blog or Website! (Join in on the BLOGUPY MOVEMENT) then msg me directly when ready, to pin our blogs together with a Pinterest Board.

Start with self, family, local community, within your own home, town or local region.

Inspire self sufficient updates to be to be installed by the youth as well helping out the elders during this time of transition... Many are depending on our sustainable future, built via our online endeavors by the people for the people proceeding forwards with web space and tech tools. If we don't build it, who will?

A more Detailed process is pinned within the EDTS Discord.

Post your Blogs for Cross Promotion and Crowdfunding at:

Global Artist Renaissance

Tithe For Thrive

Blogupy Movement & or Avatar Blog Universe

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