Julia A. Alena

Who am I?

Generally regard myself as a culturally-connected business professional. I have worked in customer facing roles most of my professional life. I’ve been accountable for delivering on promises made to customers and for transforming the customer experience. I believe in servant leadership, success through empowerment, and champion employee engagement as a key to creating a customer-centric culture. I pride myself in overcoming obstacles, creating innovative operating solutions, and managing complex stakeholder relationships.

As a person, I am a continuous student, teacher and mentor -- typically I'm an extremely early adopter of new technology, forward-thinking and focused on the cutting edge of new systems across diverse industries. I am committed to being of service to others, learning from mistakes, and always doing the right thing. Integrity, honesty, and decency are at the core of my personal values.

What do I do for a living?

Strategically, I focus on capturing the voice of the customer and creating transparent performance accountability at every level of the organization. While I have done my share of restructuring, right-sizing, realigning and other EBITDA driven projects, my passion lies in the unrelenting pursuit of an exceptional customer experience. I’m an energetic doer, skilled in visualizing and executing a plan - driven by challenges and undaunted by obstacles - I create clear strategies with definitive benchmarks for success. I focus on listening to what matters both to customers and to employees, working to better understand their journey, identify moments of truth, and use this knowledge to design changes in engagement, communication, process and product. I strive to create an environment that encourages trust and develops relationships, allows the team to be flexible, feel free to innovate without fear, and stay highly adaptable to change. Ultimately, empowering teams to improve performance, reduce costs, build loyalty and deliver a superior customer experience.

Over the last 15+ years, I have had the opportunity to be involved in many change initiatives with the goal of performance improvement. This afforded me the chance to functionally serve and lead customer support and success, service operations, finance, HR and IT and to work cross functionally with sales and marketing. Industry experience includes SaaS, healthcare, consulting, aviation, and education.