June Klein

New York, Ny, Usa

CEO of Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc. , tech advisor to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Creator of Electronic-Boardroom TMVi(r) Solutions in consulting, education, network, TV, newsletter, database. Entrpreneurship grounded by Fortune 50 exec positions at: IBM, Wang, JPMorganChase, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Federal Reserve; and MBA finance/marketing, BS math/education, Graduate Technology degrees, boardmember training certficates.

Portfolio companies include http://paythru.com mobile payment and marketing platform with apps for transportation parkreg.com retail stores, ticketing, charity

Oxford Internet Institute 5th Estate Movements Partner/Sponsor, Video Voices in Oxford Contributor, British Airways 2011 Face of Opportunity Winner, 2011 International Commerce Consultant Award and Reagan Entrepreneur Award.

TMVi Tax Benefit Exchange(tm) needs to directly reach House Ways & Means Committee and Senate Finance Committee or Obama to reinstate a tax tweak that proved to create jobs and jumpstart the economy without increasing the deficit. My proposal is reinvented to help small businesses that create at least 70% of new jobs.

TMVi helps our clients prosper from changing competitive landscapes by global venture development. It is about.me helping "about.YOU" become bigger, bolder, better in "about.movements" that improve the ways things work. This is an unprecedented opportunity for networked "about.us" to drive change and accountability.