Juwan J. Holmes

Writer, Artist, and Actor in Brooklyn, New York

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Juwan Holmes - also known as Kydd Karma - is a Brooklyn-born multipotentialite: the Curator of the collaborative group PRISM IMAGES, Co-Host of the podcast SIN CITY RADIO, and Community Editor at GENIUS are some of his titles. Vastly experienced and knowledgeable in several areas and fearlessly exploring the areas where he isn't, Juwan has amassed many accomplishments and learned many lessons that continuously motivate him.


Curator, PRISM Images

Prism Images is a Brooklyn, NY based visual arts and apparel collective curated to unify individuals of multiple talents into a singular, yet manifold group that is capable to dream and achieve the impossible, together or as individuals.


Co-Host, Sin City Radio

SIN CITY RADIO is an upcoming hip-hop podcast relaying the nation's latest from a risqué approach.

Community Editor, GENIUS

As an annotator, transcriber, contributor and artist, Kydd Karma has garnered over 30,000 IQ points on the analytical music website. View his profile here.

Program Coordinator, Vivid Imagination Program

As a former student of Vivid Imagination, Juwan has learned how important bringing media to inner-city school students can be. He is now making a difference in the same communities that he grew up in. Juwan is the screenwriter of the webseries N.E.R.D.S., among his many other contributions to VIP productions. Read more on how Vivid Imagination is leading the way.

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    • St. John's University
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