Kaeley Robbins

Hullo. Im Kaeleyyyy. Im a Sophomore. Class of 2015 beetchez. Makin it nasty in Medina, Tennessee. Saltillo, Mississippi will forever have my heart. Im a lame person tbh but people still like me. My cat, Mojo, is my life. Lana del Rey is my role model. She's flawless and beautiful and talented and yeah. I love batman. No, not just because of the trilogy movies. I've watched his show since I was seven. I always wanted to be catwoman. If I could be a mermaid I would do it before you could say rusty retainers. Idk where that came from like I said, I'm lame. in everything I believe in, i believe in it strongly. So i suggest you not insult it. But anywhooooo. This is getting long. If you talk to me I'll probably talk back. I love you. Okay bye.