Kage vel Shadow

Errm, hello!
Kage here. Let me provide you with a few things about me. I'm a girl (hell yeah), I live near Cracow in Poland. I'm a kid of an "end of a certain era" since I was born in 1989. I'm Taurus and at the moment I'm having my vacations / learning to my licenciate exam.

What a boring piece of sh*t was here. Let me change it.
I'm language lover. I love French, Italian, Latin (talk to me in these, plz, I'm and audiophile as well), but most of all, I love English. I'm an anglophile, I love Scotland, Aston Martin and Top Gear UK.
Oh, yeah, I do love MOTO! Motorcycles, cars, men talking about vehicles. Favourite at the moment? Audi R8 Spyder and Honda CBR 660. And recently Aston Martin Vantage Zagato 2012.
I'm a tech-geek. (Yes, you're not mistaken, I'm a girl and I just wrote that)

I read comics. Not a lot but I DO it. recently I'm more focused on Japanese manga, but since last year I've been in love with Iron Man and lately with Thor comics. I am a superhero geek and believe that I have some special powers myself ;)
I can draw, play guitar (a bit), I love taking photos (thanks dad!). What else? I like reading books. Fantasy genre is my favourite. A word of summary: theres a lot more about me.
I prefer you to make an effort and try to know me yourself.

I'm Kage on mission. Always on my own little mission.