Kellie Thomas

I remember as a kid, I wanted nothing more than to be an architect. It was my calling. I just knew it. Then one day in college I realized that I always had this odd need to tell my friends all about stuff I'd buy. No matter what it was. I'd want to climb to the rooftops and shout about it. I would have written love songs about the stuff had I actually known how to write love songs. Sadly I didn't.

Then I thought about it. It sounded like marketing...

I found my calling!

So. Here I am. I am a marketer. I market stuff.

See. Look. Right there. Look @ me in action -------->

Marketing stuff.

I design stuff too.

I'm also a music enthusiast. Possibly thee biggest enthusiast you'd run across this side of the Atlantic. Just ask all 1400 or so members of my facebook group, The Beat Inn. I've only known them for a bit over a year now, but they can fill you in. Just make sure you don't contact them at odd hours cause they live all across the world.. you might wake them.