Kendall Totten

Front-End Development Manager in Raleigh, North Carolina

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My journey started when I began building websites as a kid. I always loved design, and worked on the newspaper staff all through high school and college. I majored in Communication Technology & Graphic Design.

Though I still have a keen eye for aesthetics, my focus has gradually shifted from design to development. I've been working with the web and Drupal for over ten years on freelance projects, client sites for Drupal agencies, and the massive site that is I now manage a team of design system focused front-end developers!

Notable projects I've worked on include,, and

I'm passionate about reusable, organized code, mobile-friendly and accessible sites! I oversee growth and maintenance of a component-based design system that uses the BEACSS methodology.

I am an active contributor to the open source project: PatternFly Elements web components.

I live in Raleigh with my spouse, cat & dog. I enjoy photography, traveling, music, good food, and the great outdoors.

  • Work
    • Digital Demand Team, Red Hat
  • Education
    • Eastern Michigan University