Kerrigan McCollum

Hi, my name is Kerrigan or Kerri if you prefer. I'm a geeky, gothy, nerdy, hippie, dorky, weirdo. I'm 22, my birthday is December 2 1992. I am Pansexual and Demiromantic. I love rain(Petrichor is my favorite smell), candles, journals(I collect them but have trouble keeping up my writing), cats and Dolls. I love Celtic things. Stories are my favorite form of entertainment, in any form, but especially T.V shows, games, comics, movies and internet media. Comedractiofantscithrihorrstry is my favorite genre. Anything and everything supernatural, creepy, freaky and strange interests me. I want to be an artist in one form or another one day. I'm an atheist. I suffer from mental illness but am constantly striving towards positivity. Most all genres of rock are my favorite music. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I'm a night owl. I watch a lot of YouTube and Twitch.