Kimberly Burnham

Integrative Medicine Practitionter, Nerve Whisperer, and Matrix Energetics Practitioner in Spokane, Washington

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Do you think about how your brain and nervous system influence what you perceive and how you feel in your environment or about consciousness and quantum physics or how you can feel better on a daily basis?Kimberly Burnham has a PhD in Integrative medicine, which means she uses alternative medicine approaches, like craniosacral therapy, matrix energetics, homeopathy, integrative manual therapy, acupressure, energy medicine, and health coaching when she helps people walk better, see and think more clearly, and enjoy their environment more.

She has written several books, which are available on Amazon including the quirky and fun, Our Fractal Nature, a Journey of Self-Discovery and Connection Psychology Meets Science. Her self-care books with easy to follow home exercises are on Sleep, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's Ataxia and other inherited ataxias (which means loss of balance), multiple sclerosis, macular degeneration, diabetic neuropathies and cold and flu symptoms.

A recent speaker at the Spokane Pain Conference, Kim speaks at conferences and on radio shows about the ways you can help yourself eliminate chronic pain and other symptoms, like tremors, balance issues, brain fog, and blurred vision.

An avid blogger, you can find her posts on sites as diverse as Inner Child Magazine, where she writes a column entitled Community of Humanity and participates with the poetry posse in The Year of the Poet's monthly book to SpokaneFAVs, a multi-faith online news service. On the SpokaneFAVs site, Kim has a column on the intersection of faith traditions and health / medicine.

In 2013 at age 56, Kimberly bicycled 3000 miles across the US with the environmental and sustainability group, Hazon. She learned a lot about health and healing as well as the benefits of bicycling and the importance and complexity of how we treat our environment, whether you are thinking about the world or global community or whether you are considering the impact of the health, diet and the way you move on your family, local community or city.

A world traveler, Kimberly grew up in the U.S., Colombia, Belgium, Japan and Canada. A third culture kid, she understands the value and challenge of changing perspectives.Her own vision issues have guided her expertise in eyesight and vision recovery. At 28 she was diagnoses with Keratoconus and told she should consider her life if she became blind...

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